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Made-to-Order, Homestyle Meals Ready When You Are

Why cook when you can call? Delicious, healthy meals for your family, cooked fresh and prepared just like mom used to make!

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We are Thrilled to Announce the Launch of our new Product Line, “Outside The Box by Stephanie Hapner”.. Gluten-Free Products and Mixes So Good You Won’t Know What’s Missing!!

Our Lobby Hours are Currently By Appt Only in order to meet our Catering, Wholesale, and Teaching Committments.  Please call or email with any special requests!!

Call us at 574-306-2693, or Email @ crazydaygourmet@comcast.net


Get Your Family Back Around the Dinner Table!

Do you want to spend more time around the table with your family, but don't have the time to plan, shop for, and cook weekly meals? The Crazy-Day Gourmet is the answer -- We'll do all the work, and all you have to do is drive by, pick up your freshly prepared meal, sit down with your family, and EAT!!

Treat your Family

Order Online, Pick Up for Tonight (or Next Week!)

Browse our menu to see what's cooking, order your meal, and pick-up at our drive-thru. It's a home-cooked meal without the hassle! You simply pick up your meal, set the table, and enjoy time with your family. You can also order meals from our freezer, to have gourmet dishes on hand whenever you need them!

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Gourmet Cooking for Affordable Prices. Delicious!

Plenty of time and fresh ingredients go into each of our home-style meals, but that doesn't mean they'll break the bank. Our passion is for cooking and baking, and our goal is to help you provide healthy meals for your family while being budget conscious. Affordability and integrity are our secret ingredients!

Who are the Crazy Day Gourmets?